WoT mods Pack by Lex (wot 8.5)

WoT mods Pack WoT mods Pack by Lex (wot 8.5)

WoT mods Pack

author of “Lex_BLR”
WoT mods Pack by Lex_BLR [25.04.2013g.]
Maud “White carcasses of tanks”
-Added options Zoom mode in the [arcade], [art], [sniper] separately
Maud “Custom menu combat teams”
-Sound mode (detection of the enemy, call crit, the sound of a fire, the sound of light bulbs)

1. Two types of tanks icon [contour and 3D] (display level, the name, nationality and color match the class of equipment).
2. XVM-Lite (log the damage, the clock in the battle and during map loading, an indicator of damage done, the capture database, sorting accomplishments, the planting of a tank crew at once, the display is not illuminated and the dead enemies in the “ears”).
3. Seven hangars [summer, winter, desert, clean, spacious, minimalist, May 9].
4. Three sight (recharge time, the time of flight of the projectile in art mode, removed blackout in the sniper mode).
5. Clock and calculator in the hangar with the possibility of tripping.
6. The panel damage (clear with a modified arrangement of elements, animation repair module is organized as a timer, the display of the damage, the increase in Perm. Repair menu) + sound of a fire.
7. Colored messages outcome of the battle statistics + per session.
8. Zoom modes [arcade, sniper and art modes].
9. Removed the video when loading the game.
10. The old vertical wood of tanks.
11. Icons equipment.
12. Transparent chat.
13. Transparent communication over the mini-map.
14. White carcasses of tanks.
15. Mini map with the beam direction of gaze and body art, the name of technology, review the terms, square visibility, glare circle, maintaining glare, TT10 allocated a separate icon.
16. Superior light damage.
17. Epaulettes and medals.
18. Frame minimap (only for version with XVM).
19. Transparent interface in the hangar (top, ammunition).
20. Light bulbs (only for version with XVM).
21. Four types of UGN.
22. Maximum rendering visibility.
23. Changed the color of car platforms.
24. Carousel tanks in 2 rows in the hangar.
25. Light bulb for lag.
26. Icons messages on the mini-map.
27. Infopanel.
28. The cursor.
29. Old server kusor.
30. Acoustic modes (sound critical damage, sound bulbs [for XVM], the sound of enemy detection, the sound of fire [to the panel damage]).
31. Fighting menu commands.
= WoT mods Pack Addon Plus by Lex_BLR =
32. Skins with zones of penetration [Only Addon Plus].
33. Boot screen [Only Addon Plus].
= WoT mods Pack Addon Soft by Lex_BLR =
34. Extras. Software – WoT Tweaker (PLEASE READ README!!!) [Only Soft Addon].
35. Extras. Software – WoT Pinger (requires NetFramework 4) [Only Soft Addon].
36. Extras. Software – WoT Replays Manager [Only Soft Addon].
37. Extras. Software – WoT Helper [Only Soft Addon].

The authors (or people supporting work) mods and programs for which they respect and respect: Mr_TEZ, Hellinger, team XVM (sirmax2, bkon, STL1te, iBat, XlebniDizele4ku, Nicolas Siver), Shtys, SergAxt, elemus, Urban_Fighter, Caliburnus, TaTT_DoGG , I_xxl, DIKEY93, ReConnaisance, RGaysin, Snow_Irbis, Lincoln, Lemon96, zayaz, Annikin, koshnaranek, AleksLee


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