WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9

wot Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9

Version: World of Tanks 0.8.9

Mod List

Custom anti-recoil Mod- Stops camera movement from firing while keeping the dynamic camera
Custom Zoom-out Mod- Max camera zoom
Accurate Damage Indicator- Gives a better indicator of what just hit you
Aslains XVM Mod – Full contour and overlay XVM mod
Locastans Stat Pack- Changes the after battle report and adds extra stats in the service window
Jimbos Crosshair Mod – Modified battle UI including arty shell travel time
Max Farplane Mod- Removes the background fog to let you see further, in some cases can increase FPS (Does not increase your spotting range)
Old Serverside Crosshair- Brings back the dual client/serverside crosshair. (Activate the serverside crosshair in your settings to see this)
Hitlog- Displays the total damage you’ve done that battle, as well as damage recieved
Server save login and password- Mod to re-add the remember login details for SEA server
Scope Shadow Remover- Gets rid of the fps-killing black border around the sights in sniper mode
4lCapwns 2 row tank carousel- Adds a 2nd row to your tank list to double your view
SEA Clan Icons- All current clan icons on SEA server
Improved Crew Skill Descriptions- Changes the crew skill descriptions to provide more detail
Startup Video Remover- Removes the video on launch to speed up loading
White Death- Makes tanks go pure white on death so you can see enemy tanks hiding behind where the highlight doesn’t work
Automatic Loader- Shows how many shells you have in each clip with autoloader guns
Grandpa’s Multi Level Sniper Mod 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,30x- Adds extra zoom stages to sniper mode and spaces them out to give a larger view range
HD Equipment- Replaces modules and consumables with HD versions
HD Ammo Panel- Replaces shell icons with HD versions
HD Tank Garage Icons- Replaces all garage icons with HD versions
HD Crew- Replaces the crew portraits and rank icons
Red Hits- Changes the shell impacts to have a red highlight so you can see where you hit easier
Custom HD Minimap- Improves the minimap and adds view, radio and draw range lines
Anti-chat spam blocker- Greatly cuts down on map spammers and general annoying people by suppressing their chat
Locastans Radial Menu- Adds new options to the Z popup command menu
UT Voiceover- Announces kills and time left in the battle
Scrolling Battle Chat- Changes the in-battle chat to a scrollable box

How to install
Just copy the res and res_mods.folders into your WoT install folder merging with the existing folders of the same name and play
In your settings go to the top right of the first page and untick ‘display tier number’
Update v1.2
Fixed incoming hitlog, server reticle, tank stats, damage announcer. Updated Jimbos, Aslains. Added anti-spam, barebones

Download modification:
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Save Login [File size: 1 KB - Downloads: 55]
zip WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Stats_Disabler [File size: 841Bytes - Downloads: 2696]
zip WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 RadialMenu 0.8.9 [File size: 25 KB - Downloads: 2839]
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Gamers Mod Pack v1.2 - Barebones [File size: 46 MB - Downloads: 63]
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Gamers Mod Pack v1.2 - Deegies [File size: 48 MB - Downloads: 6616]
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Gamers Mod Pack v1.2 - Meltys [File size: 48 MB - Downloads: 2773]
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Gamers Mod Pack v1.2 [File size: 47 MB - Downloads: 3032]
rar WOT Gamers Mod Pack for 8.9 Colourblind [File size: 1 KB - Downloads: 1868]