Sound mod “Thunder gun.”

voice mod Sound mod Thunder gun.

Version: World of Tanks 0.8.5

Sound modl

author of “ed76na”

This mod is a complete mess sounds such as:
-Explosions and falling
- “Echo of War”
-Shots of the original WoT left only the sound of BL-10, other standard opening event altered, added
19 new sounds of guns
Changed the sound of the collision-tank obstacles
In the sounds of the records of radio interface included to give the game atmospherics. Added sound information tools.

Setting the mode:
! Make backup copies of audio and scripts folders in … \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ audio.
Folder from the downloaded archive audio copy … \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ audio, agreeing to replace the file.
Scripts folder from the archive copy to … \ World_of_Tanks \ res \ scripts, along with the replacement files.
Those who usually puts sound modification to the folder res_mods, copy the folder where audio and scripts most igry.Zatem repeat the same steps with the banks fashion that I described above, put them in a folder, audio and scripts with the replacement.
I recommend to install the original folders and audio scripts (ie without modification), or stable operation mode is not guaranteed.

Download modification:
rar Sound mod Thunder gun. The tracer [File size: 1 MB - Downloads: 355]
rar Sound mod Thunder gun. all insert in one sound mod file [File size: 59 MB - Downloads: 865]
rar Sound mod Thunder gun. shots [File size: 5 MB - Downloads: 691]
rar Sound mod Thunder gun. gui- interface, radio communications, [File size: 9 MB - Downloads: 358]
rar Sound mod Thunder gun. music_2 [File size: 31 MB - Downloads: 246]