Mod XVM 0.8.4 (wot 8.4)

xvm wot mod 8.4 Mod XVM 0.8.4 (wot 8.4)

xvm 0.8.4 2 Mod XVM 0.8.4 (wot 8.4)
Version: World of Tanks 0.8.4

Config XVM

by fashion “sirmax2 + iBat”

by log “demon2597″

Update 08/03/13 (Fixed bug with healthy staples in the name of the tank in the token in some clan players)

Version XVM 3.5.0 test1, version WoT 0.8.4.

Configuration is targeted to alternative icons tanks (any in which there is the name of the tank)

Installation: Copy the folder from the archive to gui \ .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version. Install fonts.

Installation: Copy the folder from the archive to gui \ .. \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version. Install fonts.

– Band of capture. Change the color and the text (the fitted so that in the event of simultaneous capture of data located exactly under each other). If you see “Our (the enemy) to capture: 3″, it means that there are 3 or more (a “+” to add to the three, is not used). The team captured the base receives “Order of capture”;

– To display a special symbol font config XVMSymbol. Font contains the characters used in other fonts, as well as characters created specifically for the config. As required font will be supplemented. On some versions of Windows after installing fonts, you must reboot the system;

-Minimap. At best camera built minimap “line”, the distance between the points of 100m. All the beams are made of the entire map and redesigned in more detail. In font XVMSymbol added character to level 10 TT, for those who want to (see config “macro substitution {{vehicle-class}}”).

Player-efficiency rating is calculated by the formula WOT-News, two character-scale XVM (0-99);
– From the loading screen and the TAB name removed tank to align columns of statistics applied font PartnerCondensed Mono-standard font, reduced to monospace (present in the archive). Added efficiency rating of the tank in the range 0-10 (a value of 10 is drawn by the letter “E” – expert), change the range of the rating. In the screen, the TAB character class added the tank;
– In the middle ears nicknames painted on the effectiveness of a player in all ears show the effectiveness of the player and to the tank, as shown in the large total number kiloboev;
– Changed the colors of Statistics (adopted in fashion as a default ‘);
– Adjusted the system colors living allies, opponents platoon;
– The markers narrow green / red bar life with a translucent substrate, below current health, taken in special brackets colored performance of the tank, above the name of the tank;
– Added to the marker symbols effective players: a star and a cross usoyuznikov okrashennnye opponents in the appropriate color;
– If the health of the tank less than 25%, the efficiency of the player around the symbol appears in the Allied defense shield, and the enemy character priority-sight;
– The Alt regarding health bars:
on the left is the number of the tank gektoboev (hecto (h) = 100) /% win on the tank,
right-count kiloboev / total% wins
top-effectiveness of the tank, the efficiency of the player, and the name of the level of the tank, a nickname, a clan
bottom-% health / max health. Each element statistics painted in custom color;
– Marker stock tower. Displays an image corresponding sense options tower weapon (if the tank has STOCK tower which you can install a top-end gun) or without (if the tank has STOCK tower on which a top-end gun can not be set.) Image backlight system colors;
– Hit-log. While there is not a single successful attack log is displayed. Russian-language header log. New lines added to the top. Characters are displayed for dead and survivors of attack tanks, as well as symbols of class technology. Get the lines destroyed. Variegation is not used;
– Highlight the players consisting clans (markers, ears) in the token (normal mode) the name of the player-tank in square brackets;
– Changed color scheme goes flying damage. In normal Done painted shade, depending on the combination of who caused / received damage. The latter is similar damage painted text. His damage and gold, the damage to the enemy platoon-crimson;
– Change the look lethal damage;
– The dead only shows the character class of the tank, on alto added his name and nickname player;
– Disabled mirror icons;
– Clan will always off;
– The odds of winning are included;
– Pop-up at the bottom of the panel is turned off after the death;
– Highlight icon and his tank platoon (ears, TAB download) off.

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