Historical Realism Gun Sounds 1.61v. mod for wot 0.8.5

engine sounds Historical Realism Gun Sounds 1.61v. mod for wot 0.8.5

Version: World of Tanks 0.8.5

HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.61

author of “Gnomefather”
Credibility of shots (in proximity to the ACS or a large-caliber gun, which shoots, you can even wind up playing naushnikah.Samye best sound I’ve heard)
Realistic noise charge at gunpoint zoom (clearly audible, as in the charge on the ACS huge loading mechanism puts a new shell)
Good sound hits in the tank (not the best of its competitors, but still better than a standard)
Realistic sound tracers arts (Well I can hear when you are close to a case)

(!) Installation (!)
From the folder “res / audio” to copy all the files, insert a “res_mods / xxx / audio” and then install this update!
Extract Daddy “audio” and “scripts” from the archive to “worldoftanks \ res_mods \ * version of the game * \”

(!) Note (!)
If you do not want to hear the sounds of hits, bounces, etc., you can just extract all I’ve found “hits_” in the archive modification and extract the two files only “weapons”, along with a folder of scripts.

The desired settings:
I recommend turning “Bass Boost” and “Loudness Equalization” in the settings of your sound. adapter for effect!
To do this go to: Control Panel \ Sound \ * RMB on your sound ustroykstvo * \ Properties \ Enhancements \ ticked off at the “Bass Boost” and “Loudness Equalization”.

-Removed engines.xml. For those who did not have the sound of the engine, remove the folder “vehicles” in the X Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.8.5/item_defs :/ / before installing this version.
-Returned back sound 120-mm cannon in the T57, if I remember correctly, I’ve added the latest build of audio files in this version.

I will give my advice. I was standing AGQJ Sound Mod 0.8.5. After installing this mod I had lost the engine sounds of his tank, which I did. Took out of fashion here AGQJ_vehicles_V.1.2 this file engines.xml, it is in 0.8.5 \ scripts \ item_defs \ vehicles \ Nation \ Components and changed it in the prescribed fashion, and so with all nations. It seems to work, until I realized that the truth is not out there with the general atmosphere has turned out.


Download modification:
rar Historical Realism Gun Sounds 1.61v. mod for wot 0.8.5 HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.61 [File size: 51 MB - Downloads: 3009]