Advanced Modpak Jovi for World of Tanks 0.8.11

Sborka Jove 0822  Advanced Modpak Jovi for World of Tanks 0.8.11


Version: World of Tanks 0.8.11

Author: JoveĀ 

We want you to imagine: a collection of modifications, with which you can change many of the standard stuff, and it’s called Advanced Modpak Jovi from JOVE. Now Jovi brought to you modpaka extended version, which includes additional modes (Olenemetr, White Tanks corpses, Superior Zoom, etc.). In the video, all is explained in detail as what to choose.
1. New pictures perk “The Sixth Sense”, two new sound alert and counting when glows
2. Log damage chatting.
3. FOV – field of view as the return in patch 0.8.10
4. Auto-saves the last selected server in patch 0.8.10
5. Maude “I glows!” for chat.
6. Superior fighting on the GC list.
7. New indicator light in the ears of the opposing team.
8. Indicators “Focus enemy” and “Defend the Allies.”
9. Viola. mini-map with euro server.
10. Extended posleboevaya statistics.
11. Reduction showing armor and projectile angle of entry.
12. Free camera from WG.

Classic fashion Modpaka Jovi:

1. Convenient sights:
* Do Jovi
* Minimalistic
* Turquoise
* Sight Flashes
* Sight Amveya921
* Sight Murazora
* Sight a la Ghost Recon
* Super-sight from MeltyMap
* Art-sight “Sword of Damocles”
* Art-sight “TAIPAN”
* Reduction as K. Oreshkina

2. Useful things:
* Deletion of blacks in sniper mode
* Indicator direction shelling
* Disable random shooting
* Calculator Modifications

3. Angles of traverse:
* Out of the corner
* Theater
* Big semicircle
* From MeltyMap

4. Information panel:
* Recycle and review
* Easy to use control
* Colour bar

5. Panel damage:
* Do Jovi
* Interface from zayaz
* Panel from GambitER
* Minimalistic panel

6. Battle chat:
* Message History

7. Bell crit

8. Seclusion camera:
* NoScroll – wheel does not switch to sniper mode
* Disable dynamic camera shake
* 4-step sniper scope

9. Changing the appearance of:
* Disable camouflage and inscriptions
* Skins with zones of penetration (not all tanks)
* Colored decals projectile
* Bright F / W platform on maps
* “White corpses” destroyed tanks and wagons

10. Increase visibility

11. Improvements in the hangar:
* Statistics gaming session
* Vertical tree development
* List of tanks in two rows
* Adv. Filters the list of tanks
* Displaying the fighting in the platoon
* Ping
* Change in camouflage hangar
* Detailed descriptions of skills
* Hours

12. Integrated fashion XVM:

* Display player stats (Olenemer)
* Alt. Markers art.
* Markers glows in the ears team
* Mini map with sonar
* Log personal damage
* Red Stoplight “The Sixth Sense”
* Aka “The Sixth Sense”
* Alt. icons tanks in the ears team

13. WoT Tweaker Plus – a program to raise the FPS

Download modification:
rar  Advanced Modpak Jovi for World of Tanks 0.8.11 JovesModPack_0.8.11_v10.6_Extended [File size: 80 MB - Downloads: 298]